What is proEMA?

proEMA™ is an independent educational consultancy specializing is school-based assessment systems.

proEMA™ Provides:

  • On-line moderation
  • Group membership for cluster or school groups and individual membership
  • Assessment forum
  • Check mark using proEMA™ samples
  • Assessment articles and research
  • Links to assessment resources
  • Whole school assessment audits
  • Customised and standard professional development packages

proEMA™ Membership

The proEMA™ moderation system is designed for use by school and cluster groups. Each group operates autonomously.

proEMA™ moderation groups appoint moderation coordinators and moderation members. Coordinators manage the activities of their group by finalising assessment postings, appointing new members, marking and reviewing reports.

Group members post assessments, invite colleagues to join a group, mark assessments and review their own reports.

proEMA™ also offers individual memberships with access to the full range of proEMA™ products and services including the proEMA™ Forum and opportunities to check-mark regularly posted assessments.

proEMA™ - A history of specialist educational assessment products and services


proEMA™ was created for a research project on consistency of teacher judgment in standards based assessment. It was designed to track and present data on how teachers make assessment decisions and determine grades. From the outset, it was clear that the proEMA™ system had potential benefits beyond research. The system used for tracking evidence selection and grades had a feedback and training effect that could be harnessed to support teachers' assessment skills. The research proposed that teachers could identify and highlight sections of student work as examples of the evidence on which they base their marking decisions. In doing so, the proEMA™ system aligned with contemporary moderation practices without the need to pack and post materials or attend costly inefficient face-to-face meetings.


Developments in Queensland's school based assessment system for Years 1-10 created the need for new more flexible moderation models to be available in the context of evolving curriculum assessment and reporting agenda (http://www.qsa.qld.edu.au/assessment/qcar.html). The proEMA™ moderation system was refined and development began on a range of complementary assessment products and services.


The proEMA™ moderation system and related resources were released as a suite of products to meet the twin needs of moderation and professional development in school based, standards referenced assessment. The proEMA™ website was established to provide a secure autonomous environment for education professionals who wish to pursue excellence in assessment and reporting outcomes for students, parents, teachers and the wider community.

2008 and Beyond!

proEMA™ aims to reflect the collegiate and cooperative nature of teaching.

Across Australia there is a pressing need to keep up to date with new curriculum and assessment agendas. Requirements for national and state curriculum along with census testing such as NAPLAN and QCAR are currently being implemented. proEMA™ systems continue to help schools and teachers need to be well informed and keep up to date.

proEMA™ will continue to evolve in response to the needs of member groups and individuals. proEMA™ is also moving onto the international stage in response to the Assessment for Learning agenda and developments in assessment in the UK and US.